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When I don't get the "sex workers aren't selling their bodies" thing. Isn't that kinda what you're doing?


I’m not “selling my body” any more than a masseuse, or a construction worker, or a physical trainer, or a circus performer.  On stage, I perform dance and pole tricks in exchange for tips.  In lapdances, I provide people with a fantasy of intimacy.  I use my body for work, just like any other physical laborer.  Just because my form of labor involves nudity and sexuality doesn’t mean I’m selling any part of myself.  My body never exchanges owners at work.  It is always mine. 

My BIG announcement…….

drum roll please!


I am moving out of Coruscant. I have decided to join the Doctor the travel across time and space!

Just kidding.. I am just moving to another state. I am nervous, scared, excited… But most of all, I am happy to explore another new place full of new experiences. I am going to be on cam somewhat sporadically this month as I still have to find a place to live in this new state AND pack up everything in my apartment.. which I will probably do the day before the move. ;)

I would greatly appreciate all your support you can offer. It will mean so much to me and will help make this move as smooth as possible. I am giving away prizes to those who help! The highest total tipper this month will get to enjoy a skype with me in my new cam room and a prize pack of goodies sent to their home. The highest single tip will get their very own custom video in my new place! Everyone who tips 1000 tokens or more will be recognized and given my very first video in my home, including a tour and an orgasm!

AND October is my cammiversary month! We will be celebrating October 14th, 3 whole years on MFC! If it is even possible to make this month more fun, we will also be decorating my cam room for the LAST time! Let’s make it even bigger and better than years before! All decoration purchasers will get a special Halloween video and EACH decoration purchase will get a raffle ticket. TWO if you buy yours offline ;) 

Guys, I am so excited and so grateful for all that you have done for me in the last three years and all that you have gotten to experience with me. Join me in my next chapter <3


i dont think i’ll ever stop reblogging this shit

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